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Outdoor Survival Gear Be Prepared for the Next Adventure






Outdoor Survival Gear


Must have outdoor survival gear for outdoor enthusiasts crafted from superior components. Emergency equipment from Alaska Gear Online is built to standards recommended by expert safety instructors. These items that could be lifesavers during an unforeseen predicament.

Products like our innovative beeswax survival candles can provide lifesaving warmth and light. Our survival kit completely sealed in a half-pound Alaska salmon can is always ready for an emergency and can easily be slipped into a coat pocket or glove box. Goods like emergency whistles, printed guides and gear lanyards offer ways to be better prepared for life’s misadventures.


Paracord CreationsItems Made of 550 Paracord






Paracord Creations


These are items made of 100 percent Nylon 550 Paracord or parachute cord that is made in the United States. Cord used by Alaska Gear meets a technical standard that was originally developed by the military as MIL-C-5040H Type III. This particular standard was phased out by the military in 1997. Type III cord has seven to nine inner yarns and a breaking strength of 550 pounds (249 kilograms), thus the label 550 Paracord.

550 Paracord can be used to create barrettes, lanyards, belts, bracelets, keychains and nautical crafts. The Nylon braided construction of this cord makes it weather and fade resistant. Items and gear made of 550 Paracord will last a long time outdoors and in other extreme environments. These Paracord 550 based items are handcrafted in Valdez, Alaska.


Nautical RopeworkInspired by Maritime Traditions






Nauticallly Themed Crafts


These nautically themed crafts are inspired by maritime traditions that reach back to the first sailors. Fancy nautical rope work, known as marlinspike seamanship, is the hallmark of master mariners that learned to craft useful and decorative objects from whatever materials were at hand. Hand crafted in Valdez, Alaska.

Shooting and Outdoor EquipmentEquipment to Outfit Your Next Trip Afield






Shooting and Outdoor Equipment


Shooting and outdoor related equipment to outfit your next trip afield. Heavy-duty rifle slings, ammunition storage gear, gun cleaning products, dog leashes and more... 

Gear offered in our store has proven itself in the challenging Alaskan environment and is created to fit the needs that we have seen here in our outdoor activities.

Please contact us with any questions!



Alaska Gear Online Home Page

Welcome to the Alaska Gear Online equipment store!


Our store grew out from the development of nautical knotted crafts and construction of outdoor equipment here in Alaska. We saw the value of the items that we built and set up this online store as a way to make them available to others. The effort has developed to include additional parts, equipment and components that complement the items we make ourselves.


Offered here are many different 550 paracord creations, beeswax candles, survival kits, pet supplies and nautically themed items. There are fiber based jewelry and hair accessories offered as well. We provide a source for shooting related components like cleaning kits, stripper clips, rifle slings and ammo repack kits. Custom ropework is available.


All items sold include free shipping via USPS First Class or Priority Mail in the United States. There is no sales tax charged in Valdez, Alaska.


Please browse through our store and ask questions. If you see something missing that you think we should offer, please let us know. Greetings from the Great Land.



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